The 2018 general conference of the UK Brassica Research Community was on 09 May at Rothamsted Research, Harpenden. A PDF of the final programme can be downloaded here: UKBRC2018 programme

Below are links to the presentations:

Welcome Notes
Freddie TheodoulouOverview of Rothamsted’s Tailoring Plant Metabolism Strategic Programme pdf
Research Community brief updates
Lenka Havlickova (York)An updated Associative Transcriptomics platform for Brassica napus pdf
Thomas Alcock (Nottingham)Nutrient uptake in Brassica napus pdf
Aoife Sweeney (York)Investigating the genetic basis of micronutrient efficiency in Brassica napuspdf
Varanya Kittipol (York)Investigating the genetic basis of glucosinolate variability in Brassica napuspdf
Mikhaela Neequaye (Quadram)Using novel broccoli lines to understand glucosinolate production and sulphur metabolismpdf
Richard Broughton (Rothamsted)Improving phytosterol content and composition in Brassica napus oilpdf
Harjeevan Kaur (York)Development of high erucic, low polyunsaturate (HELP) rapeseedpdf
Natalia Stawniak (York)Early vigour responses of Brassica napus diversity panel to seed treatments.pdf
Jia Liu (York)Genetic analysis for pod shatter resistance in Brassica napus L. pdf
Roxana Teodor (York)Associative Transcriptomics for the OREGIN projectpdf
Jon West (Rothamsted)Combatting the stealthy pathogen: Pyrenopeziza pdf
Yongju Huang (Hertfordshire)Ignored fungal pathogen sibling – Leptosphaeria biglobosapdf
Henri Stotz (Hertfordshire)Differences in interactions of Brassica napus with two Leptosphaeria speciespdf
Joana Vicente (Warwick)White blister rust of mustards pdf
Abraham Gomez-Gutierrez (JIC)Downy Mildew in Baby Leaf Kalepdf
Henk-jan Schonbeek (JIC)Variation in PAMP responses in 6 Brassica speciespdf
Pat Heslop-Harrison (Leicester)Brassica chromosome identification and homologies using massive oligonucleotide poolspdf
Graham Teakle (Warwick)Biological crop protection: a new 'slow down/speed up' strategy for aphid management pdf
Community grant / resources updates
Jennifer Swarbrick (BBSRC, SO)BBSRC Strategy and Funding Opportunitiespdf
Steve Penfield (JIC)Statistical modelling of WOSR Recommended List trials and the search for yield stability.pdf
Ian Bancroft (York)Update on OREGIN and the RIPR radiation mutagenesis panelpdf
Guy Barker (Warwick)Update on VeGINpdf