Yorknowledgebase.info is a knowledge base providing access to datasets and information to support oilseed rape pre-breeding

The Newton-Bhabha development programme (BBSRC Newton Fund Pulses & Oilseeds Research Initiative) is set up to transfer and optimize UK expertise in genomics, which is the scientific approach involving analysis in parallel of the complete set of genes of an organism, for improvement of both economic and environmental sustainability of mustard rape (Brassica juncea) in India.

RevGenUK is a technology platform based at the John Innes Centre for TILLING reverse genetics in plants, supported by the BBSRC. It is a single stop shop for use in functional genomics research and provides an efficient, extendable service for reverse genetics. They provide TILLING services and are open to collaboration. 

GARNET: The Arabidopsis research network

N8agrifood is focused on ensuring the stability and integrity of national and global agri-food supply chains in the face of environmental and socioeconomic challenges. With an investment of £16m from the N8 Universities and HEFCE, N8 AgriFood is building on the strength in agri-food research expertise across the N8 Research Partnership to transform food security research.

Current funded brassica projects