The 2021 general conference of the UK Brassica Research Community was on 23 Nov 2021 at West Common, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ. A PDF of the final programme can be downloaded here: UKBRC2021 programme

Below are links to the presentations:

Research Community brief updates
Tom Bennett (University of Leeds) Understanding Reproductive Architecture in Brassica Napus pdf
Henrik Stotz (University of Hertfordshire) Pre-breeding for commercial development of sustainable traits – quantitative resistance against Pyrenopeziza brassicaepdf
Neil Graham (University of Nottingham) Magnesium and calcium overaccumulate in the leaves of a B. rapa mutant pdf
Rui Guan (Rothamsted Research) Genome editing and regeneration of Brassica napus protoplasts
Penny Hundlebey (John Innes Centre) Update on Brassica Transformationpdf
Jovaras Krasauskas (John Innes Centre) Engineering ion flux of the stomatal complex for enhanced photosynthesis and water use efficiencypdf
Jessica Hughes (John Innes Centre) Novel assay for screening Arabidopsis thaliana for cabbage stem flea beetle feeding preferences pdf
Sam Warner (John Innes Centre) Role of bud dormancy in flowering time control in winter oilseed rape, and its association with yield stabilitypdf
Mollie Langdon (Rothamsted Research & University of Bath) Exploring the role of ARF2 in controlling seed size in Brassica oleracea using genome editingpdf
Yongju Huang (University of Hertfordshire) Current understanding of phoma stem canker and light leaf spot on oilseed rape in the UKpdf