The 2016 general conference of the UK Brassica Research Community was on 13 April at the John Innes Centre, Norwich. A PDF of the final programme can be downloaded here: UKBRC2016 programme

Below are links to the presentations:

Dana MacGregor (JIC)Enhancing Brassica seed germination by altering cold signalling componentspdf
Carmel O'Neill (JIC)Brassica seed germination and seedling vigour using the B. napus DFFS materialpdf
Emily Hawkes (JIC)A conserved long non-coding RNA in the transition to flowering
Harjeevan Kaur (York)Genetic control of seed oil composition in oilseed rapepdf
Aofie Sweeney (York)Investigating the genetic basis of micronutrient efficiency in B. napuspdf
Thomas Alcock (Nottingham)Identifying genes controlling nutrient use in B. napuspdf
Mikhaela Neequaye (IFR)Genetic Control of Sulphur Metabolism in Brassica - Making Better Broccoli
Varanya Kittipol (York)Genetic basis of glucosinolates variability in Brassica speciespdf
Lenka Havlickova (York)Unravelling the Genetic Control of Tocopherol Biosynthesis in Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) using Associative Transcriptomics
Zhesi He (York)Visualizing homoeologous exchanges and alien introgressions in B. napuspdf
Fryni Drizou (Nottingham)Finding resistance of oilseed rape to Rhizoctonia solani
Tom Lawrenson (JIC)CRISPR Genome Editing updatepdf
Geraint Perry (Garnet)Introduction to GARNet – and improving links with UKBRCpdf
Dan Bolser (EMBL-EBI)Brassica resources in Ensembl Plantspdf
Anne-Marie Eckes (EI)The Brassica Information Portal a phenotyping data base( with illustrated examplespdf
Natalia Stawniak (York)Commercialising thermo-stable rapeseed oil for the bio-lubricants industrypdf
Fei-Yian Yoong (JIC)Improving seed vigour and resilience trait in Brassica oleraceapdf
Andrea Harper (York)Broadening the genetic diversity underpinning seed quality and yield related traits in mustard rape and oilseed rapepdf
Eleri Tudor (JIC)Targeting FRIGIDA for a robust flowering phenotype in oilseed rapepdf
Marc Jones (JIC)B. napus through space and time: Gene expression in flowerin rapeseedpdf
Callum Paul Scotson (Aber)Computed tomography technology: the study of oilseed rape seedspdf
Helen Holmes (ADAS)Determining the cost of lodging in oilseed rape in the UKpdf
Helen Riordan (York)Investigating the genetic basis of Boron efficiency in B. napuspdf
Marie Bruser (JIC)From a diversity set to specific gene targets: Crop – Model – Croppdf
Pauline Stephenson (JIC)INDEHISCENT vs Pod Shatter (Taming oil seed rape)pdf
Eric Holub (Warwick)BBSRC-CGAT work on the genetics of white rust resistancepdf
John Walsh (Warwick)Arable and vegetable brassica virus research at Warwickpdf
Rui Guan (Rothamsted)Manipulation of epiculticular wax in Brassica rapa to improve photosynthetic yieldpdf
Ian Bancroft (York)Resource update relating to RIPR and OREGIN projectspdf
Colin Miles (BBSRC)Update:_Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)pdf