The 2020 general conference of the UK Brassica Research Community was on 24 Nov on Zoom. A PDF of the final programme can be downloaded here: UKBRC2020 programme

Below are links to the presentations:

Research Community brief updates
Tom Bennett (University of Leeds) In need of arrest: understanding floral duration in OSRpdf
Henrik Stotz (University of Hertfordshire) Update of Research on Brassica Pathogenspdf
Shannon Woodhouse (JIC) Associative transcriptomics for Brassica Vegetablespdf
Andrea Harper (UoY) Mapping the genetic basis of yield and quality traits in Brassica junceapdf
Marc Jones (JIC) ORDER: Oilseed rape developmental expression resourcepdf
Richard Morris (JIC) How to design your vernalisation response using dynamic FLC combinatoricspdf
Laura Siles-Suarez (RRes) Which phenotypic traits are most relevant to seed yield in Brassica napus?
Peter Eastmond (RRes) Production of human milk fat substitute in oilseed rape
Patricia Ortega-Ramos (RRes) Integrated pest management strategies for cabbage stem flea beetlepdf
Abraham Gomez-Guitierrez (JIC) Mapping new sources of resistance to Downy Mildew in Brassica oleraceapdf