Brassica crops are major components of the UK arable agriculture and horticulture industries. Oilseed rape, the primary source of vegetable oil in Northern Europe, is high in polyunsaturates with huge potential to provide new nutritional and renewable non-food products. Brassica vegetables, including cabbage and Brussel sprouts, contain beneficial nutrients, including elevated levels of anti-oxidants, vitamins, anti-carcinogenic compounds, and minerals such as zinc and iron.

A successful UK brassica industry requires scientists, breeders, and farmers to work together. The UKBRC provides a hub for them to do so. Everyone can catch up at the annual meetings (presentations from the last meetings can be found on the Events page), but in the meantime this website is for the community to get news and find resources. Please get in contact with anything you think will be of interest and we will get it up on the website.

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